Covid-19 Measures

ScanSense continues to monitor the development of COVID-19. We are following the instructions and recommendations from the Norwegian Government and NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health).

To avoid further spread of the virus and consequential impacts on our production, ScanSense has implemented necessary routines and will continue to take necessary actions to ensure that both employees and customers are as well protected as possible. ScanSense is doing its utmost to avoid any direct impact on customers and delivery schedules. Our aim is to continue production and deliver – “business as usual”. So far we have been successful, thanks to our professional and well-disciplined employees.

We look forward to welcoming our customers to visit us again. Meanwhile, please make contact via the normal channels, such as e-mail, telephone, video conference and social media channels – we are here for you!

Please take care and join ScanSense in its efforts to avoid any further spreading of COVID-19. Thank you for your support!

human hand holding plasma ball