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We are happy to share with you that GustoMSC once again has selected our load cells, this time for the SC-14000XL jack-up rig, to be constructed at JMU shipyard in Japan.

GustoMSC selects ScanSense again

ScanSense is the proud supplier a total of 18 load cells, to be installed on the GustoMSC (an NOV company) designed SC-14000XL jack-up rig, to be constructed at JMU shipyard, with an expected delivery late 2022.

This unit will be the largest self-elevating platform for offshore wind installation to date in Japan and capable of installing wind turbines up to 12 MW. The owner, Shimizu Corporation, positions itself as one of the key players in offshore wind installation in this region, as there is no vessel available that can cope with the installation of the larger turbines.

The ScanSense scope of supply is related to load measuring cells on the key equipment on board, namely the GustoMSC Telescopic Leg Crane. This innovative crane solution offers a combination of high hoisting capability for turbine installation and heavy load capability for foundation installation. The telescopic boom avoids protrusion of a very long crane boom outside the hull dimensions during transit, increasing transit conditions and maneuverability in ports. The crane capacity for foundations sums up to 2,500 t at a height of 121 m, and wind turbine components can be installed at a staggering height of 161 m, with a maximum load of 1,250 t. With the right capacity at the right height this tool is future proof for the maintenance and installation of the new generation offshore Wind Turbine Generators.

Åsgårdstrand, 17 February 2021.

Image rendering: Copyright and courtesy of GustoMSC