Product families

We have two main product families, Load Sensors and Pressure Sensors:

Load Sensors

Through decades in the load measurement business, ScanSense has established and maintained an effective and professional engineering and production team. Most of what we deliver is a result of consultative sales, where we make bespoke designs to match the client's requirements. Our load cells are based on well tested strain-gauge technology. We also have a large portfolio of standardised load cells and other load measurement products, more than 1000 different designs!

Pressure Sensors

Since 1995, we have delivered more than 20,000 pressure sensors for wellhead monitoring. and more than 35,000 so-called POD sensors for Subsea Control Modules. The IsoPod PT represents the ultimate solution for fast response, high accuracy and long life time performance. We also deliver Wing-Union pressure sensors for mud logging and drilling, as well as high pressure sensors for hazardous environments, in Ex and subsea versions.