At ScanSense we always aim at providing our customers with the expected products and services. To achieve this, ScanSense continuously focuses on improvements. This focus is safeguarded through our business processes, procedures and through our solutions. The continuous improvement efforts will be our spearhead and will materialise in what we deliver of products and services, at the right time, with adequate quality and at the right price.

ScanSense has a high level of ambition in the Health, Safety and Environmental work. Skilled and dedicated employees focus on a safe workplace and protecting the environment through our continuous improvement. We commit ourselves to:
– Fulfil all legal environmental requirements from regulations and legal authorities.
– Identify and reduce possible causes to injuries, pollution and accidents.
– Set targets for environment and working environment and fulfil these.
– Focus on health, safety and environment for all our employees.
– Influence our suppliers to provide environment friendly goods and services.
– Improve products and processes, internally and externally, in a life cycle perspective.

ScanSense's QHSE Management System is intended to cover the requirements in:
- ISO 9001 : 2015
- ISO 14001 : 2015
- (EN )ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018
- Dir. 2014/34/EU
- IECEx Scheme
- Relevant laws and regulations
- Other relevant product requirements